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There are two credit bureaus in Canada, Equifax and Trans Union. Trans Union has an online PDF download version that canadians consumers can access for free once per month. They refer to it as their OCS version. Trans Union data can also be accessed by via a third party website by the name of Credit Karma. This company gives your credit score for free but makes revenue by advertising credit related products on the site. Borrowell has a similar business model to that of Credit Karma but Borrowell uses Equifax files. The reports mentioned can be accessed by clicking on the buttons above.Please note that the OCS Trans union PDF version can only be accessed from a computer (not a smart phone) that has the ability to download and view a PDF file.


Equifax by mail

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Click the button above and print the credit report request form. Mail the form and you will get your report in the mail. You will need to include two pieces of ID as well as a proof of your address. Your valid drivers license can be uded as a proof of address.